Carib Quiz - Physics
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When a metal wire carries an electric current, charges flow through it.The moving charges are:

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A loudspeaker emits a steady note.A girl sings a note which is of lower pitch but higher volume. The sound wave she is producing has:

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Boiling and evaporation both involve a liquid turning into a vapour (i.e. a gas).The following statements relate to water.Which one is NOT true?

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Two resistors, one of 4 Ω and one of 6 Ω, are connected in parallel.Their combined resistance is:

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A current of 2 mA is flowing through a wire. How long will it take for 6 coulombs of charge to pass?

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The following statements describe an ordinary mercury-in-glass laboratory thermometer. Which one of them is NOT true?

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Which one of the following is NOT a magnetic material?

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Which one of the following statements about ∝ particles is NOT true?

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The nucleus of a carbon atom has six protons and eight neutrons.Which one of the following describes it?

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