Carib Quiz - Physics
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The statements refer to a fuse. Which one is true?

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A boy throws a cricket ball straight up in the air. At the very top of its flight:

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The units of specific latent heat are:

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Which one of the following statements about constructive interference is NOT true?

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A ripple travels over the surface of some water. Its wavelength is 2 m, its amplitude is 0.1 m and its frequency is 0.5 Hz.The speed of the ripple is:

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A detector close to a sample of radioactive material records 76 counts per second (cps). Precisely 2 days later the count rate has fallen to 22 cps.The count rate due to background radiation, taken immediately before and after the experiment, averaged 4 cps. The half-life of the material is:

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The lowest and the highest frequencies a typical young person′s ear can detect are approximately:

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You look through a microscope to view the Brownian motion of smoke in a container of air. Which one of the following statements is NOT true?

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Sweating can help to cool the body. This cooling is achieved mainly by:

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