Carib Quiz - Physics
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Which one of the following statements about an ammeter is NOT true?

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The existence of a neutral particle named the neutron was first confirmed experimentally by:

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Which one of the following statements about a voltmeter is NOT true?

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The units of specific latent heat are:

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The graph shows the results of an experiment to investigate
the relationship between the voltage placed across a light bulb
and the current which then flows through it.Which one of the
following statements is NOT true?

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The air temperature on a particular day is 27 ℃. An air bubble trapped in a tube by a thread of liquid is able to expand freely if it is heated.At what temperature would you expect the volume of the air bubble to double?

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Boiling and evaporation both involve a liquid turning into a vapour (i.e. a gas).The following statements relate to water.Which one is NOT true?

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The following statements refer to the laminated core of a transformer. Which one of them is NOT true?

9. Question

Which one of the following is NOT a magnetic material?

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