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A shopkeeper buys 24 CD players for a wholesale price of $1800. At what price per CD player must she sell to make a profit of 10% on her cost?

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Which of the following is a prime number?

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In the Venn diagram above, the shaded portion represents

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If x = 2 and y = -1, then 3x - 5y / xy2

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In the figure above, the shaded portion represents

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In the Venn diagram above, the shaded portion represents

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In the circle above, the circumference is 10 cm. The length of the arc AB, in centimetres, is

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In the figure above, AB || CD and ∠BAD = 32° . ∠APC =

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The number 32747 written to 4 significant figures is

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8x - 4(x - 5) =

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The decimal equivalent of 7/8 is

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How many subsets does the set {a, b, c, d, e} have?

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A rectangular tank is 100 cm long, 30 cm wide and 12 cm deep. The volume of liquid it will hold is

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3x - 4(x + 6) =

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Profits in the partnership of Bess, Bill and Bob are shared in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3. If Bill's share of the profits is $300, what is Bob's share?

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The equation of the line which passes through the point (0, 2) and has a gradient of 1/3 is

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0.0039 × 10-2 in scientific notation is

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In a box, there are 3 white, 4 red and 2 blue marbles. What is the probability that a marble taken at random is NOT blue?

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A circular hole with diameter 4 cm is cut out of a circular piece of card with a diameter of 16 cm. The area of the remaining card, in cm2 , is

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A square has the same area as a rectangle with sides of length 4 centimetres and 25 centimetres. What is the length of the square?

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This question refers to the triangle PQR in which angle QPR = 90°, PR = 12 cm and PQ = 5 cm.

The length of QR, in cm, is

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How many grams are in 2.5 kilograms?

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In coordinate geometry, the equation of the x-axis is

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The Item refer to the information below The following scores were obtained by eleven footballers in a goal-shoot competition:

The median score was

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In the figure above, for which point is the x-coordinate positive and the y-coordinate negative?

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The expression a2 + b2 is equivalent to

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Which of the following represents numbers greater than -3 but less than 6 ?

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The exterior angles and the interior angles of a polygon are equal. How many sides does the polygon have?

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If x = 23 × 52 =, then x4 =

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Which of the following is a subset of {b, c, d}?

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The sizes of the interior angles of a polygon are x°, 2x°, 60°, 3x° and 36°. What is the value of x ?

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If x = 32 × 23, then x4 =

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If p * q = pq2 , then 2 * 3 =

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Given that a and b are integers, which of the following is not necessarily an integer?

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The width of a block of wood with rectangular cross-section is x cm. Its height is 2/3 its width and its length is 4 times its height. What is its volume in cm3?

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If an increase of 20% will change the price of an item to $480, what is the original price of the item?

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Which of the following words BEST describes a triangle with all its sides equal?

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Three lights flash at intervals of 4, 6 and 10 seconds respectively. They are started together. How soon after will they next flash together again?

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The pie chart above shows how a student used 10 hours per week for studying English (E), Mathematics (M), French (F) and Geography (G), The amount of hours spent studying French is approximately

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