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Integrated Science
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When focussing on distant objects:

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The particles in a liquid:

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The wall of the heart is made of:

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Veins have valves because

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The correct equation for photosynthesis is:

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When we are too hot, more blood flows through the capillaries near the surface of the skin. This helps us to cool down because the blood loses heat by:

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Measuring plant growth by measuring height is convenient, but inaccurate because:

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Which one of the following is correct. When we digest our food:

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Water passes out of leaves through the:

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Which of the following nutrients is/are digested in the stomach?

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Photosynthesis is important because:

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When carbon dioxide gas passes through limewater, the limewater:

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Tooth decay can be caused by:

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Breathing in fish involves which two processes?

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Absolute zero is:

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A person of blood group AB has:

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Some foods contain flavour enhancers. These food additives:

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Demersals are fish that are found:

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Three factors that increase the risk of coronary heart disease are:

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