Carib Quiz - Chemistry
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The Earth′s first atmosphere contained all of these gases EXCEPT for:

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The standard atom used for mass calculations is:

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When metals react with acids they give a salt and:

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1 mole of sodium carbonate weighs 106 g, so the number of moles in 318 g will be:

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We can separate an insoluble solid from a liquid using:

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To remove limescale from a tap you need:

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The gas that relights a glowing splint is:

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All of the following have a charge of -1 EXCEPT for:

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In a water condenser the cooling water enters at:

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The rate of reaction between marble and hydrochloric acid can be speeded up by using:

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When aluminium is extracted by electrolysis, cryolite is added to:

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All of the following are non-metals EXCEPT for:

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One example of an emulsifying agent is:

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The only common gas that turns moist red litmus paper blue is:

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The major plant nutrients written as NPK refer to phosphorus, nitrogen and:

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In making bread the enzymes in yeast break down starch to give:

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When zinc metal is added to copper sulphate solution the products are copper and zinc sulphate solution, so the material that has been displaced must be:

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A molecule of ethene can be described as all of these EXCEPT for:

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Iron chloride can be prepared from the reaction of iron and:

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In electrolysis the anode is the:

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A plastic that softens every time it is heated is said to be:

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When an element combines with oxygen we get an:

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The gas released by baking powder is:

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The halogen, bromine, at room temperature is a:

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Reactive metals such as potassium react with water to give hydrogen and:

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g/dm3 are units of:

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The electrical charges on a proton and an electron are:

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To electrolyse solid lead bromide it must first be heated so that:

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A reaction that gives out heat is said to be:

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Quantity of electricity in coulombs = current in amps multiplied by:

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The number of litres in 2000 cm3 is:

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When black copper oxide is heated with carbon, brown copper metal is produced, which means that compared to copper, carbon is the:

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The number of double bonds in a molecule of carbon dioxide is:

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Cooking food improves all of these EXCEPT for:

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Potassium reacts quickly with water but we do not use it with acids because:

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When an acid neutralises an alkali the pH is likely to be:

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The sharp-tasting compound in vinegar is:

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The pH scale runs from 1 to:

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All of these are properties of carbon monoxide EXCEPT for:

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In the modern Periodic Table the elements are arranged:

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