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Osmosis is:

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Cells become specialised to carry out different roles.This process is called:

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Leaves are thin and flat:

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In a plant cell, turgor is caused by:

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All of the following are features of a gas exchange surface EXCEPT for:

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The length of an insect such as a grasshopper increases in steps.This is because:

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All of the following are components of an ecosystem EXCEPT for:

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Which of the following are advantages of asexual reproduction in a flowering plant?
Ⅰ Large numbers of offspring are rapidly produced.
Ⅱ Favourable genotypes are maintained from one generation to the next.
Ⅲ The plant does not need to rely on wind or insects for pollination.
Ⅳ Several identical individuals grow close together.

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The chemicals that make up the bodies of animals and plants are called:

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Which one of the following is NOT a function of the placenta?

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A relationship between two organisms where one organism derives benefits from the relationship and the other organism derives no benefit, but is not harmed, is called:

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75 g of freshly dug soil was placed in an oven at 105 ℃ for 24 hours. It was allowed to cool, then reweighed. If the final mass of the dry soil was 66 g, what was the % water content of the original soil sample?

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Which of the following are natural barriers to infection?
Ⅰ tears
Ⅱ skin
Ⅲ stomach acid
Ⅳ mucus

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The animals shown in the diagram were identified using a dichotomous key based on the visible characteristics listed below:
Ⅰ body shape
Ⅱ number of legs
Ⅲ number of wings
Ⅳ number of eyes
Ⅴ number of antennae
Which characteristics could be used to divide the animals into two groups?

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The scientific name of an organism is derived from its:

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The white blood cells that produce antibodies are called:

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Crossing two brown mice produced an offspring with a black coat.Which of the following statements MUST be correct?
Ⅰ Brown coat is dominant to black.
Ⅱ The brown mice were heterozygous for coat colour.
Ⅲ The black mouse was homozygous for coat colour.
Ⅳ Crossing a black mouse with another black mouse could produce a brown offspring.

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In hot conditions the surface blood vessels in the skin undergo vasodilation. This allows:

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Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli have been bred from the original wild brassica plant by:

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Which of the following conditions is NOT caused by a poor diet?

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Vaccination causes a person′s immune system to produce:

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The biceps and triceps are an antagonistic pair of muscles because:

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Which one of the following is NOT a harmful effect of smoking?

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Which one of the following factors does NOT affect the rate of transpiration?

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Which of the following statements about lipids is NOT true?

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All of the following have endoskeletons EXCEPT for:

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Which of the following are examples of environmental variation in humans?
Ⅰ hair colour
Ⅱ height
Ⅲ intelligence
Ⅳ body mass

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Plants make growth movements in response to all of the following stimuli EXCEPT for:

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An alternate form of a gene is called an:

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The following diagram shows a model used to show how breathing movements take place:

Which part of the model represents the diaphragm?

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Which of the following is NOT transported in phloem?

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Which one of the following is NOT a receptor in the body?

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All of the following are possible consequences of global warming EXCEPT for:

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Plant stems grow towards a light source.This is an example of:

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The wall of the left ventricle is thicker than that of the right ventricle because:

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A typical soil contains mineral particles, humus, water, air and:

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Which one of the following chemicals is used to test for starch?

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Which of one the following statements about phloem cells is NOT true?

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AIDS is a killer disease because:

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In an ecosystem a population is:

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