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Social Studies
1. Question

Which Of the following social issues are associated with the use of illegal drugs by adolescents?

Ⅰ. Criminal activity
Ⅱ. Indiscipline
Ⅲ . Early marriage
Ⅳ. Poverty

2. Question

In many Caribbean countries the Queen of England is the head of state.

Such countries may be described as

3. Question

Match the function from the list below with the descriptions.

The family produces children and maintain the population.

4. Question

In which of the following countries is proportional representation is practised?

5. Question

Which of the following are aspects of the socialization process?

Ⅰ. Reproduction
Ⅱ. Religious Teaching
Ⅲ. Recreational Activity

6. Question

After Lloyd's father died, Lloyd invited his mother to live with his wife, his two sons and himself. The new family structure would be termed.

7. Question

Match the function from the list below with the descriptions.

The family provides security and love for the growing children.

8. Question

Match the function from the list below with the descriptions.

The family provides food, clothing and shelter for the children.

9. Question

Which of the following would undermine the authority of the parents in the home?

10. Question

The Item is based on the following extract.

Unemployment and hard economic conditions have forced both parents in some Caribbean families to migrate, leaving an elder son or daughter to care for the younger brothers and sister.

Which of the following problems is LEAST likely to affect the younger brothers and sisters?

11. Question


Which of the following features of Country X may be gathered from the diagram above?

12. Question

Which of the following is the MAIN reason for conflict in trade sometimes arising between CARICOM countries?

13. Question

Globalization is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT the

14. Question

The role of the Opposition in parliament can BEST be described as

15. Question

Who presides over the House of Assembly / House of Representatives?

16. Question

Which of the following persons listed below is the Head of the Judiciary?

17. Question

"Individual countries in the region are too small to make their presence felt on the world stage."

Implied in this statement is the need for

18. Question

A man and woman plan to start a family. Which of the following is likely to be LEAST important to them?

19. Question

Which of the following would MOST likely result from woman working outside the home?

Ⅰ. Improvement in the standard of living
Ⅱ. higher self-esteem for woman
Ⅲ. Fewer educational opportunities for men
Ⅳ. Fall in family values

20. Question

John, Simon and Harry are cousins who live in the same house.

Which of the following terms BEST describe their relationship?

21. Question

A political campaign is a method used by political parties to

22. Question

Caribbean governments have improved the rights of children born out of wedlock by

23. Question

The constitutions of commonwealth Caribbean countries guarantee citizens freedom of conscience, expression, assembly and movement. These freedoms are usually referred to as

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