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The following statements describe a magnetic field plot, showing the lines of force.Which one is true?

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Dividing 9 × 10-2 by 3 × 10-8 gives:

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A girl whose weight is 250 N walks up a slope 40 m long onto a platform 3 m high. Her gain in gravitational potential energy is:

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The following statements refer to the laminated core of a transformer. Which one of them is NOT true?

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The specific heat capacity of a particular liquid is 3000 J kg-1 K-1. A large beaker containing 2 kg of the liquid has to be warmed from 25 ℃ to 35 ℃. A 100 W heater is used. If all the thermal energy could be transferred to the liquid, how long would it take?

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The existence of a neutral particle named the neutron was first confirmed experimentally by:

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A lens forms a real image of magnification ×3.Which one of the following statements is NOT true?

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When we focus on a near object, the lens in our eye:

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Which one of the following statements about constructive interference is NOT true?

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A detector close to a sample of radioactive material records 76 counts per second (cps). Precisely 2 days later the count rate has fallen to 22 cps.The count rate due to background radiation, taken immediately before and after the experiment, averaged 4 cps. The half-life of the material is:

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The method by which certain uranium and plutonium nuclei can release energy in a reactor is known as:

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Which one of the following statements about light passing down an optical glass fibre is NOT true?

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Which one of the following statements about an ammeter is NOT true?

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Which one of these four statements is NOT true?

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A certain nucleus has 12 protons and 16 neutrons.Which one of the following statements about the nucleus is NOT true?

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In Fleming's Left Hand Rule describing the motor effect, the directions are:

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The splitting of a beam of white light into the colours which make it up is called:

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The lowest and the highest frequencies a typical young person′s ear can detect are approximately:

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Which one of the following statements about a voltmeter is NOT true?

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What would be the best materials to use for making the coil and the core of an electromagnet?

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An electron, with its charge of 1.6 × 10-19 C, is moved from one place at +8 V to a different place which is at 0 V.The energy released will be:

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The units of specific latent heat are:

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Two separate forces are acting on a bar to cause it to rotate clockwise. One force is 20 N, at a distance of 3 m out from the pivot; the second force, 2 m further out, is 10 N. Their combined moment is:

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In which one of the following four cases would the pressure be greatest?

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A 10 V battery delivers a steady current of 2 A. How long will it be before 1.0 kJ of energy is supplied to the circuit?

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The statements refer to a fuse. Which one is true?

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The graph shows the results of an experiment to investigate
the relationship between the voltage placed across a light bulb
and the current which then flows through it.Which one of the
following statements is NOT true?

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The air temperature on a particular day is 27 ℃. An air bubble trapped in a tube by a thread of liquid is able to expand freely if it is heated.At what temperature would you expect the volume of the air bubble to double?

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Which one of the following would NOT give rise to a systematic error in an experiment?

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You look through a microscope to view the Brownian motion of smoke in a container of air. Which one of the following statements is NOT true?

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A spring is 100 mm long when unstretched. A 40 N load is hung from it, and its total length increases to 120 mm. A different load on the spring causes it to become 150 mm long. If the spring obeys Hooke′s Law, this second load is:

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Which one of the following statements about diffraction is true?

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A boy throws a cricket ball straight up in the air. At the very top of its flight:

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A dynamo connected to a circuit is being turned.Which one of the following would NOT generate a greater e.m.f.?

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Sweating can help to cool the body. This cooling is achieved mainly by:

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A ripple travels over the surface of some water. Its wavelength is 2 m, its amplitude is 0.1 m and its frequency is 0.5 Hz.The speed of the ripple is:

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The following statements describe the molecules in a gas at around room temperature. Which one is NOT true?

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Which one of these statements is true for ALL electromagnetic waves?

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A force of 100 N starts to act on a body of mass 20 kg which is initially at rest. After 10 s its velocity will be:

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Which one of the following is NOT a vector quantity?

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