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Integrated Science
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Overfishing means:

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The workplace should be:

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We lose water mainly in:

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During adolescence, boys:

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Tooth decay can be caused by:

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Sea breezes result because:

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When we sweat, we lose heat because:

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Breathing in fish involves which two processes?

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Demersals are fish that are found:

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When something gets hotter, the particles in it gain more:

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When testing a leaf for the presence of starch, the correct sequence of procedures is:

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Atherosclerosis is a process in which:

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The correct equation for photosynthesis is:

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Many leaves are adapted to photosynthesise effectively by having:

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Which of the following are all secondary sex characteristics in females?

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Some foods contain flavour enhancers. These food additives:

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Urea is made from surplus proteins in:

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Hormonal methods of contraception work by:

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Three factors that increase the risk of coronary heart disease are:

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The wall of the heart is made of:

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Which of the following statements about anaerobic respiration is true?

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Which of the following tests describes the test for glucose?

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Which statement is not true of sperm and ova?

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Photosynthesis is important because:

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All gas exchange surfaces in vertebrate animals have:

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In the eye, rays of light are focussed on the retina by being refracted at:

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A person of blood group AB has:

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Compared to industrialised countries, developing countries:

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Excretion is best defined as:

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Transpiration is:

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Which of the following properties of water is not important to the survival of living things?

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Which one of the following best describes hormones?

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Which one of the following best compares the eye and a camera?

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In a simple reflex action:

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Which of the following are all deficiency diseases?

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When we are too hot, more blood flows through the capillaries near the surface of the skin. This helps us to cool down because the blood loses heat by:

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Which one of the following pairs of definitions is correct?

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The main parts of the human circulatory system are:

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Water passes out of leaves through the:

40. Question

Why is testing a leaf for starch a reliable indication that photosynthesis has taken place?

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