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All of the following are non-metals EXCEPT for:

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The two common varieties of chlorine atoms are called:

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In electrolysing a solution of copper sulphate using copper electrodes, the anode:

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The alloy, brass, contains copper and:

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Powders react faster than lumps because they have:

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If a flask containing marble and acid is placed on a balance, the mass decreases steadily with time, which means that:

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A ballpoint pen mark can be removed using:

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At 20 ℃ all of the halogens are:

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Biological catalysts in yeast are called:

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All of these are alkenes EXCEPT for:

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The group of elements whose molecules and atoms are the same is called:

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In the reactivity series of metals the order is: sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminium, which means that the most reactive metal is:

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The metal used in food containers whose surface is protected by a strong oxide layer is:

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The voltages from the electrochemical series are -2.92 for potassium and +0.34 for copper, which shows that:

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An insoluble metal oxide can be described as:

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The main metal in tin cans used to preserve food is:

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One example of an emulsifying agent is:

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A flame test colour of red could indicate the presence of a compound of:

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The common name for silicon dioxide is:

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Quantity of electricity in coulombs = current in amps multiplied by:

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Different structures based on the same molecular formula are called:

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When metals react with acids they give a salt and:

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The non-metal used to make margarine is:

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The alkane compound with seven carbon atoms is:

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The number of carbon atoms in the alcohol, pentanol, is:

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In electrolysis the anode is the:

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The catalyst in the Haber Process is:

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You never find native magnesium because:

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The number of double bonds in a molecule of carbon dioxide is:

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If the relative atomic mass (RAM) = 1 for hydrogen and 16 for oxygen, the formula mass for H2O2 is:

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The monomer used to make poly (propene) is called:

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The following are all natural materials EXCEPT for:

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Which one of the following gases is considerably heavier than air?

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The only one of the following which is NOT a change of state is:

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The halogen used to make bleach is called:

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The number of atoms in a diatomic molecule is:

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When potassium burns in chlorine, the material that is oxidised is called:

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In a water condenser the cooling water enters at:

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The proportions of elements in a pure compound are always:

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The pH scale runs from 1 to:

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