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None of these solutions in water conducts electricity EXCEPT for:

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The common name for silicon dioxide is:

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In electrolysing a solution of copper sulphate using copper electrodes, the anode:

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A liquid compound that conducts electricity is:

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When two solutions are mixed and give a solid product we call it:

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In terms of mass, compared to a proton, an electron:

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Food can be preserved in all of these ways EXCEPT for:

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Hydrocarbons contain carbon and:

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When gas particles spread out we call it:

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The state symbol for a solution in water is:

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Dividing the mass in grams by the mass of 1 mole in grams gives:

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Transition metals have all of these properties EXCEPT for:

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Acid soils can be neutralised by adding:

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The number of atoms in a diatomic molecule is:

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To make fertilisers and explosives we need:

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All of these materials are used in a blast furnace EXCEPT for:

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All of the following are non-metals EXCEPT for:

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The number of carbon atoms in the alcohol, pentanol, is:

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All of the following have a charge of -1 EXCEPT for:

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All of these are fractions from crude oil EXCEPT for:

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The number of particles in a mole of any gas is always:

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Which one of the following gases is considerably heavier than air?

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Particles are furthest apart in:

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With iodine, starch changes colour to:

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The standard atom used for mass calculations is:

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The sharp-tasting compound in vinegar is:

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The only one of the following which is NOT a change of state is:

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The type of polymerisation used to make polythene is called:

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If a reaction takes 50 seconds at 25 ℃, then at 50 ℃ the time for the reaction in seconds is likely to be about:

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In the equation, carbon monoxide + oxygen → carbon dioxide, a reactant is:

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Alcohol can be separated from beer using:

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In metals, the particles forming the structure are all:

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The monomer used to make poly (propene) is called:

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When zinc metal is added to copper sulphate solution the products are copper and zinc sulphate solution, so the material that has been displaced must be:

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The second most common gas in the atmosphere is:

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The following are all natural materials EXCEPT for:

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The number of atoms in this formula, H2SO4, is:

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Raising the temperature of a reversible reaction always encourages the:

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g/dm3 are units of:

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To remove limescale from a tap you need:

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