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When aluminium is extracted by electrolysis, cryolite is added to:

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In terms of mass, compared to a proton, an electron:

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The alloy, brass, contains copper and:

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When black copper oxide is heated with carbon, brown copper metal is produced, which means that compared to copper, carbon is the:

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Candied fruits are preserved in a strong solution of:

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All of these are alkenes EXCEPT for:

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The non-metal used to make margarine is:

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All of these are ordered crystalline structures EXCEPT for:

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The alcohol in beer and spirits is called:

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The active catalyst in a car′s catalytic converter is:

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All of these are carbohydrates EXCEPT for:

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The electrical charges on a proton and an electron are:

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g/dm3 are units of:

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Reactive metals such as potassium react with water to give hydrogen and:

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In making bread the enzymes in yeast break down starch to give:

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In electrolysis the anode is the:

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The group of elements whose molecules and atoms are the same is called:

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Raising the temperature of a reversible reaction always encourages the:

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The only one of the following which is NOT a change of state is:

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The energy used in thermal decomposition is:

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We use expanded polystyrene cups for heat of reaction experiments because the cups are:

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Ammonia gas spreads out faster than hydrogen chloride, showing that it is:

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Common salt can be used to make all of these EXCEPT for:

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The number of carbon atoms in the alcohol, pentanol, is:

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A flame test colour of red could indicate the presence of a compound of:

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All of these elements form allotropes EXCEPT for:

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If a reaction takes 50 seconds at 25 ℃, then at 50 ℃ the time for the reaction in seconds is likely to be about:

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The proportions of elements in a pure compound are always:

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Hydrocarbons contain carbon and:

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When potassium burns in chlorine, the material that is oxidised is called:

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Iron chloride can be prepared from the reaction of iron and:

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The number of electrons in a full electron shell is:

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One Faraday represents:

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Nitrogen fixation produces:

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If the relative atomic mass (RAM) = 1 for hydrogen and 16 for oxygen, the formula mass for H2O2 is:

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None of these solutions in water conducts electricity EXCEPT for:

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Hydrochloric acid forms salts called:

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A plastic that softens every time it is heated is said to be:

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Particles are furthest apart in:

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Herbicides are used to destroy:

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